With his kids, Grant and Crystal Mike “DogMike” GOODBODY owns Calgrove Kennels where he boards dogs. Mike also works as a private eye. Returning from a case, he learns a worker was killed and a dog was DOGNAPPED. Mike finds the owner of the dog, Nora Blackstone, at her house dead in a closet. He finds clues about Nora’s dead husband, scientist HARRY BLACKSTONE. In a note to his wife Harry confessed to stealing an expensive computer chip from his company which he wanted to sell to keep his wife in the manner she had become accustom. He tells Nora that the chip is taped to the underside of the cookie jar lid in the kitchen and he would like her to take it back to his boss and apologize. As she showed it to her great dane, RICHARD, the nips it from her hand and swallows it.
When mike visits Morgan Blackstone to ask if he wants his dead sister in law’s dog he asks if Morgan would know why she wanted the dog’s excrement saved. Morgan can’t think of a reason but figures the dog’s droppings must be at the kennel. After days with the dog and him not relieving himself MORGAN sends his wife to hire Mike to follow her cheating husband so his henchmen can break into the kennel to retrieve the chip, which they think, is in a bag. Unfortunately Crystal is there and puts up a hell of a fight for her specimens. They end up with Crystal and a bag of dog residue. Crystal manages to call mike at the stake out but it is too late when mike and Grant get back to the kennel. Morgan’s wife calls Mike to bring over the info on her cheating husband. When he gets there mike finds out that Morgan wants the correct bag of poo. After which she tells the story how Harry Blackstone was killed in an alley and she tells mike where his daughter is being held. Mike and Grant show up at Morgan’s house to trade the bag of dog droppings for Crystal. When he hears Crystal scream Mike breaks in just in time to stop Morgan from cutting the dog’s head off. When Morgan threatens to kill Crystal mike gives up his gun. When Morgan orders mike to “let me have it” mike throws the dog crap on him and a fight ensues where Morgan has mike and Crystal at bay. Grant then saves Mike, Crystal and the dog. They all beat a hasty retreat back to the kennel. Morgan, with Dan, gives chase, leaving Veronica behind. At the kennel, the kids and the dog hide in a 2-acre storage area “the bone-yard” full of dismantled amusement park rides and large storage containers. Mike takes on Morgan’s henchman until Morgan stops the fight with a gunshot. Mike and Morgan have an epic fight. When Morgan seems defeated Mike admits to having the chip. Morgan finds the strength to try and grab the chip from Mike, but is subdued and brought to his knees. Mike orders Morgan to call off his men from chasing his kids or he will destroy the chip. Morgan tells mike he’s bluffing. Mike shoves the chip down Morgan’s throat with the warning that if anything happens to his kids he will cut the chip out of Morgan along with his heart. Morgan is gagging when Mike turns his back and calls for Grant and Crystal. Morgan attacks Mike from behind with a pick ax and is shot in the back. Morgan falls, revealing Veronica with a smoking revolver. Veronica wants the chip and fires a round past Mike and Grant. Grant is out of ammo and Crystal has disappeared. Mike gives in and tosses the chip to Veronica and she stashes it in her bra. Det. Sullivan shows up and orders Veronica to drop her weapon. Veronica is distracted. Crystal sneaks up on her, knocks her out, reaches in Veronica’s bra, pulls out the computer chip and joins Grant and Mike. Det. Sullivan takes Veronica into custody as mike explains what is going on and fingers Veronica Blackstone for the year old Harry Blackstone murder and the murder of her husband Morgan Blackstone. When Mike says that Morgan Blackstone swallowed the chip Crystal finds out that what she pulled from veronica’s bra was a peanut M&M. Veronica Blackstone goes to jail, the kids help Mike back to the house and the dog happily finds a new home at Calgrove Kennels.